Welcome to the Turpentine Galleries podcast, the //LONDON ROOM//. Each week a London-based artist is interviewed about three works of visual art and a book that have been important to their practice, including one choice from their own body of work.  


 Episode 7: 23 July 2020

Tim Benson

The Sense Series Taste small edit.jpg

 Episode 6: 16 July 2020

Olivia Kemp

Copy of Copy of 190330 The Lever (MJU Po

 Episode 5: 2 July 2020

William Martin

Wessie small.jpeg

 Episode 4: 25 June 2020

 Susanne du Toit

 Episode 3: 18 June 2020

 Christina Niederberger

Melissa Scott Miller painting.jpg

 Episode 2: 11 June 2020

 Melissa Scott-Miller


Aaron Yeandle. Brenda Lajoe, 2019.jpg

 Episode 1: 4 June 2020

 Aaron Yeandle

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