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Welcome to the Turpentine Galleries podcast. Each episode features an artist discussing three works of visual art that have been important to their practice, including one choice from their own body of work.  


 S2 E3: 28 January 2022
Michael Hirschbichler


 S2 E3: 21 January 2022
Joschi Herczeg


 S2 E2: 14 January 2022
Bennt Bengtsson


 S2 E1: 7 January 2022
Peter Tillessen


 S1 E7: 23 July 2020
Tim Benson

The Sense Series Taste small edit.jpg

 S1 E6: 16 July 2020
Olivia Kemp

Copy of Copy of 190330 The Lever (MJU Po

 S1 E5: 2 July 2020
William Martin

Wessie small.jpeg

 S1 E4: 25 June 2020
 Susanne du Toit

 S1 E3: 18 June 2020

 Christina Niederberger

Melissa Scott Miller painting.jpg

 S1 E2: 11 June 2020

 Melissa Scott-Miller

Aaron Yeandle. Brenda Lajoe, 2019.jpg

 S1 E1: 4 June 2020
 Aaron Yeandle

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