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podcast & online gallery 


The Turpentine Galleries was founded in 2020 by figurative artist Sally Ede-Golightly. It is podcast and an online gallery of visual art that is curated through a series of podcasts with renowned artists from around the world.

Each episode features a guest artist that selects three works of art that are important to their practice. One of their choices must comes from their own body of work. This provides an opportunity to discuss their artistic journey and inspiration. 

The art selected is added to the online gallery and Instagram.

The purpose of the podcast is to share journeys, inspire and inform. The gallery does not own these works and is not representing them for sale, all copyrights remain with the artists or institutions that own the art.

Series I// THE L O N D O N  R O O M

In the podcast's first series, The London Room, a selection of artists working in and around London are chosen and interviewed by Sally Ede-Golightly. This series is also edited by Sally Ede-Golightly. 

Series II// S W I T Z E R L A N D

In the podcast's second series, S W I T Z E R L A N D, a selection of artists with studios in Switzerland are chosen and interviewed by documentary photographer Aaron Yeandle. This series is edited by Sally Ede-Golightly. 

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